Jumaat, 1 Julai 2016

Lan Lin wang a.k.a prince of Lan Ling

Prince of lan ling a.k.a lan ling wang <3 <3

From the history, it was told that lan ling wang is a handsome guy but destined to die because of some stupid king. (this is real fact. barely accept it). but from what i read from the internet, this  handsome guy is quite famous in japan but not really known among chinese since his dynasty is not so popular one.

His name is Gao chang Gong but people call him prince of lan ling. (i just finish female prime minister, got a prince call gao there, wonder whether gao chang gong had something to do with him. its ok..i'm gonna check out about him later). legend said Gao chang gong is beautiful (not handsome??). He is a general during nothern Qi dynasty. Because of his beautiful face, he had to wear mask when he fought in battles in order to scare his enemies. (it's a sin to have a beautiful face in this case. haha cool right)

His famous battle is when he fought with Northern Zhou's army  with only 500 cavalry. So in order to celebrate his victory,  the troops come out with dance and song and they wore mask to dance (prince of lan ling breaks through the battle formation).

Can u imagine how this  dance was actually lead to the death of this hansome and beautifull guy?  the last emperor of northern Qi , Gao wei heard about this and really super jealous with him. (ridiculous!!).

from what i read, one day Gao wei call Gao chang Gong and said something to him. Then Gao chang Gong replied to him and make him suspicious of gao Chang Gong ambition's and then poisoned him to death! (What the heck??!!)

Actually i tried to think from the side of the king..maybe lan ling wang did said samething horrible to him and i think its normal to have a bit jealous with your super beautiful cousin and its normal if he wants to kill lan ling wang but gao wei's personality really can make someone feel grrrrr!!.. (wait till you read about gao wei, u will know what i mean).

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