Jumaat, 11 November 2016

surat seribu sesalan bersalut cheesekut

saya ada membuat perkhidmatan menjual cheesekut di sekitar taiping, bagan serai dan parit buntar.. sekiranya anda berminat boleh hubungi saya di rose -01120796449.
tempahan melebihi 30 bersaiz 4"x4" hanya dikenakan bayaran rm4.30 setiap satu ^^

Selasa, 11 Oktober 2016

CuriosiTY not just killed the cat

Have you ever confront with this situation, where you sitting with someone and feel that

There are too many question to ask
There are too many things that you want to know
What happen?

But then you lost your words thinking how the other side will feel when you ask the question

at the end
you just staring at them 
like you dont care

just went to the interview and its worst
its funny when the interviewer said dont lie about your qualification
try to find company that appreciate you.
there is so many things inside my mind that time.
but at the end i just keep silent like stupid
yeah i'm guilty for lying
i had master but i put SPM
cant u see how desperate i am.

unGrateFul Sister

One day i got present from my brother. 

its weird because i never used to get any present from him even for my birthday. 

He only gonna ask me whether i have enough money or not. 

Since it is totally weird, it takes time for me to accept the present. 

Then, he said "Take it or leave it". Then, i take it and throw it. 

Yeah, i am ungrateful sister.

But i still take it
and treasure it

Ahad, 18 September 2016

Because She is prettY

I'm having conversation with my sister yesterday. 

my Sister: I have a friend who like to fart in front of everyone. When she said she wants to fart, then she will. She never feel shame at all. She also likes to pick her nose in front of others

Me: don't u said anything to her after she did that?

my Sister: No. The rest also never said anything. They just smile and act nothing happen. Isn't that weird sis?

Me: *Smirk

my Sister: Yup.

Me: That's the answer.

my Sister: =.="

*Sorry if anybody feel offended. i am someone who learned from the past. 

Sabtu, 3 September 2016

Second LeAd Actor

 Every drama that i watched always had the scene where the second lead actor will fall in love with the heroin and always protect her no matter what happen although he knows the heroin will still choose the hero (the main actor) ~sigh~

i'm just someone who had second lead syndrome which i cheer for second lead actor other than hero. Heroin in every drama is such ungrateful creature. Despite however the second lead actor treat her, she will still can't take her eyes on hero. isn't that too cruel?

i told my friend "love someone who love you rather than loving someone who doesn't love you". But during that time, i had never fall to anyone and no one fall for me. So,  i decided to love someone that told me he love me. 

But then  i realize something when my friend ask me " MR A love you, why you never respond to him?" 


Its because i'm having crush with someone else. isn't that weird? we hardly notice people that love us because your focus is only to the one that you love. If I am in my friend's place, i will surely support Mr A  but in this scene i'm the heroin.



i was in love with Mr. A before but during that time he couple with my classmate. In other word, i used to be second lead actress for him or even worst "EXTRAs"

Sabtu, 13 Ogos 2016


Tahu tak betapa susahnya nak diet.

harini da masuk tiga hari. Makan nasi tiga sudu. Senam dua jam ( basikal).

Dan tadi kononnya nak minum air vitagen dan buah plum. itu je. 

Tiba-tiba teringin nak makan something yang manis yang baru beli kat Mydin. 

Baru teringat DIET! DAMN IT!!

Terpaksa tutup pintu peti ais


 minum air kosong.

11.30 pm  
three slices of pizza. my three days diet just pass into the stomach.
x guna

Ahad, 31 Julai 2016


I'm calling my friend this evening

Me: Hey, u know what? i had a lot of things that i want to buy but when i got the money.. i can't think of even one thing. damn it!

My friend : Thats why you need a boyfriend

Me: I'm not a materialistic girl. Why dont you tell me to find a husband

My friend : Then, you cannot dump him

Me : *facepalm

Rabu, 20 Julai 2016

5 Things makes a girl happier

No offence. I'm just did it based on what i feel..haha
credit: Mr. google


Sometimes, some words they use i'm not really understand
Yeah, you can call me stupid

Sabtu, 16 Julai 2016


There are so many things i want to talk to him...but what come out from my mouth is "k"

dont worry

because the sun is bright, so everything is alright (Suzy & Bernard)

Jumaat, 1 Julai 2016

Lan Lin wang a.k.a prince of Lan Ling

Prince of lan ling a.k.a lan ling wang <3 <3

From the history, it was told that lan ling wang is a handsome guy but destined to die because of some stupid king. (this is real fact. barely accept it). but from what i read from the internet, this  handsome guy is quite famous in japan but not really known among chinese since his dynasty is not so popular one.

His name is Gao chang Gong but people call him prince of lan ling. (i just finish female prime minister, got a prince call gao there, wonder whether gao chang gong had something to do with him. its ok..i'm gonna check out about him later). legend said Gao chang gong is beautiful (not handsome??). He is a general during nothern Qi dynasty. Because of his beautiful face, he had to wear mask when he fought in battles in order to scare his enemies. (it's a sin to have a beautiful face in this case. haha cool right)

His famous battle is when he fought with Northern Zhou's army  with only 500 cavalry. So in order to celebrate his victory,  the troops come out with dance and song and they wore mask to dance (prince of lan ling breaks through the battle formation).

Can u imagine how this  dance was actually lead to the death of this hansome and beautifull guy?  the last emperor of northern Qi , Gao wei heard about this and really super jealous with him. (ridiculous!!).

from what i read, one day Gao wei call Gao chang Gong and said something to him. Then Gao chang Gong replied to him and make him suspicious of gao Chang Gong ambition's and then poisoned him to death! (What the heck??!!)

Actually i tried to think from the side of the king..maybe lan ling wang did said samething horrible to him and i think its normal to have a bit jealous with your super beautiful cousin and its normal if he wants to kill lan ling wang but gao wei's personality really can make someone feel grrrrr!!.. (wait till you read about gao wei, u will know what i mean).

EpiSode 2

what i want to tell you is..