Sabtu, 3 September 2016

Second LeAd Actor

 Every drama that i watched always had the scene where the second lead actor will fall in love with the heroin and always protect her no matter what happen although he knows the heroin will still choose the hero (the main actor) ~sigh~

i'm just someone who had second lead syndrome which i cheer for second lead actor other than hero. Heroin in every drama is such ungrateful creature. Despite however the second lead actor treat her, she will still can't take her eyes on hero. isn't that too cruel?

i told my friend "love someone who love you rather than loving someone who doesn't love you". But during that time, i had never fall to anyone and no one fall for me. So,  i decided to love someone that told me he love me. 

But then  i realize something when my friend ask me " MR A love you, why you never respond to him?" 


Its because i'm having crush with someone else. isn't that weird? we hardly notice people that love us because your focus is only to the one that you love. If I am in my friend's place, i will surely support Mr A  but in this scene i'm the heroin.



i was in love with Mr. A before but during that time he couple with my classmate. In other word, i used to be second lead actress for him or even worst "EXTRAs"

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